• Hmmmmm
  • Katja Mater
    18 May – 16 June 2018
  • Press release

    The distance between outstretched arms, the width of the human thumb, a full stride (from heel to heel), the weight a person can carry, the time it takes to blink.

    Hmmmmm resonates between a number of references ranging from the experience and ideas about time, measure, perception, and some visual vocabulary of mathematics; the golden spiral, root 2 rectangles and human-based units of measure; Mater’s own body. Works behave like rotating and resonating arrangements of moments where time is both tool and material.

    Flowing over and into each other, revealing a greater logic by the forced attention of optical devices and filtered through Mater’s idiosyncratic way of seeing and documenting. They are oscillating between representation and abstraction, while trying to move into a direction towards which we can not point.